Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Chain Swap on PayPaw

Q: What is a Chain Swap?

A: A Chain Swap allows you to exchange one type of cryptocurrency for another directly within the PayPaw Telegram Bot. This feature supports various cryptocurrencies, enabling seamless trades at the best rates thanks to our aggregation feature.

Q: How do I start a swap?

A: To initiate a swap, select the "🔄 | Chain Swap" option from the main menu of the PayPaw Telegram Bot. Follow the prompts to choose the cryptocurrencies you wish to sell and buy, enter the amount, and provide your receiving wallet address.

Q: Which cryptocurrencies can I swap?

A: The bot supports a range of cryptocurrencies, including but not limited to BTC, SOL, ETH, MATIC, BNB, INJ, and TIA. All swaps are conducted on their respective Mainnet networks for security and reliability.

Q: How do I check the status of my swap?

A: After initiating a swap, a "Refresh" button will be provided. Clicking this button will update you on the current status of your swap. If the transaction is still processing, you may be advised to check again later.

Q: What does "waiting" status mean?

A: If your swap status is "waiting", it means that your transaction is still being processed. Cryptocurrency transactions require confirmation on their respective blockchains, which can take time depending on the network load.

Q: Can I cancel my swap?

A: Once a swap has been initiated and the cryptocurrency has been sent, it cannot be canceled due to the immutable nature of blockchain transactions. Please ensure all details are correct before confirming a swap.

Q: Why do I need to provide a receiving address?

A: The receiving address is where your swapped cryptocurrency will be sent. It's crucial to double-check this address for accuracy to ensure that your funds are received correctly and securely.

Q: What if I send the wrong amount?

A: Sending an amount different from what was specified during the swap initiation may result in delays or complications with your transaction. If you've sent the wrong amount, please contact PayPaw support immediately for assistance.

Q: How long does a swap take?

A: Swap times can vary based on the cryptocurrencies involved, network congestion, and the time required for blockchain confirmations. While some swaps may be processed quickly, others may take longer.

Q: Is there a fee for swapping?

A: Yes, each swap involves a network fee for processing the transaction on the blockchain, and there is a 3% service fee applied by PayPaw for facilitating the swap.

Q: How can I get help or support?

A: If you need assistance or have questions not covered by this FAQ, you can access support options directly through the PayPaw Telegram Bot or visit the PayPaw website for more contact options.

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