1. How do I create a prepaid card with PayPaw?

Use the telegram bot available in Official Links, once started, set your Country in the settings, and follow the steps.

2. Is KYC required to use PayPaw?

No. Our provider will still require your data, but no strict KYC will be required.

3. What currencies does PayPaw support?

At the moment, we only support payments on the Solana chain, with the native SOL token but also USDC, USDT and BONK. The prepaid cards will be emitted in EUR or USD.

4. In which countries is PayPaw available?

PayPaw is currently available in 200+ countries. You can find the full list after starting the bot, in the settings page.

5. How long does it take to create and activate a prepaid card?

You can create an order in 20 seconds. After the payment is received, it takes approximately 15 minutes to receive your prepaid card, which can be activated and used straight away.

6. Are there any fees associated with creating or using a PayPaw prepaid card?

Yes. The fees are 3% of the cost of the card, + 2$ flat fee. Also, if you use a foreign currency, you'll face an additional 2% fee for currency conversion.

7. How can I load funds onto my PayPaw prepaid card?

Once a card is created, no more funds will be able to be added. Please, start over and create a new card.

8. Can I withdraw cash using my PayPaw prepaid card?


9. How do I check my card balance or transaction history?

After you receive your card, you will be able to check the card balance and/or transaction history with your chosen provider's website.

10. What should I do if my prepaid card is lost or stolen?

Please, reach out to your chosen provider ASAP.

11. Can I have multiple prepaid cards with PayPaw?

Yes. There isn't any kind of limit.

12. How can I contact PayPaw customer support?

Use the 'support' button in our Telegram bot.

13. Where are the prepaid cards supported?

You can link your prepaid cards with Apple Pay or Google Pay, to pay both in-store and online.

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