🤖Telegram Bot Guide

Prepaid Card Creation

Step 1: Start the Bot

Start the bot you can find in our Official Links channel.

Step 2: Select the Country

Hit the Settings button, and set country button. Then, write your country name, and send the message. The bot will reply with a list of countries available. Select the correct one.

Step 3: Provider Selection

Go back to the main menu, and hit the Create Card button. The bot will automatically fetch the available providers that are supported in your Country. Go ahead and select the provider.

Step 4: Amount Selection

The bot will show you the available USD/EUR balances amounts for your prepaid card. Pick the one that you want.

Step 5: Payment

The bot has now placed your order. It will ask you to send an exact amount of sol, to a fresh address. A QR Code will also be provided, for easiness of operations. 🚨 - Make sure you're sending the EXACT amount to the given wallet, or your card won't be dilevered.

Step 6: Activation

You will receive a link to activate your prepaid card on our partner's websites, where you will also be able to view card details, balance, expiration, txn history and more. Congrats! You just created your first prepaid card with PayPaw. Wasn't it a breeze? 🐾

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